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San Isidoro e Itálica
This excursion includes a visit to the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, one of the oldest and most influential monasteries of southern Spain in the middle Ages. We will see the church, cloisters and chambers, and approach to monastery life, traditions, customs and ceremonies. Then our tour continues to the archaeological site of Italica, which was the birthplace of emperors and one of the great cities of the Roman Empire. We will walk along the avenues, visit the villas and public buildings, the walls, sewers and of course the spectacular amphitheatre. An intensive tour through the culture, customs and traditions of a great civilisation.

Due to the timetable of these monuments, this tour is NOT possible on Sundays and Mondays and must be always visited on mornings timetable. Transport for this excursion must be hired or provided by customers and not by this guide.

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